Sunday, August 10, 2008

A constant state of disarray

I am covered in dog, cat, hair, puke, and what I hope and will for my mental safety assume us cat dried cat litter.

I am finally able to sit down after a day of cleaning up after the 5 minions, the Citizen Kayne the Canine. And of course Jeci my sisters three cats, and my fours masters of feline destruction.

Crash managed to get some computer programs downloaded and help me walk the dog (insert stabbing motion here)

I managed to clean the yard, the animals, the refrigerator, stock the pantry and roll out dinner for 4 thinking Matt was leaving (Jeci's BF) and that the Boyz were coming home. NOT the case.

So tomorrow I have time to apply to the coop, apply for school (going back to school to become a counselor) as well as hopefully clean some more.

I had to separate the boy cats from the girls because they are becoming fractious.

I heard constant screaming and crying and there is a TINY girl cat that needs to grow a little and not be picked on. Plus I am hoping the Mama cat Allie will let her nurse some more.

I realize that I need to throw Vegas pictures up here but I was unaware that my house was DESTROYED while I was gone and thus I need to do a laundromat run and some serious house and yard work before I will have time for sitting at a computer.

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