Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin: The voice of abstinence only?

So Sarah Palin is to be McCain's running mate. Now it has come to light that she has a daughter whom has been pregnant out of wedlock 5 months pregnant again at 17.

Said the politician when asked if she would continue to support abstinence only education that she would, and that she supports her daughters decision to keep the baby and get married.

a kid by 17?

Sounds like the young women around my neighborhood. However, Sarah Palin is also being championed because she applauded her daughters choice to keep the baby AND her own brave keeping of a baby with Down's Syndome.

As if, if one were ever planning to run for a major race, it could be easily covered up?

With a daughter whose education of abstinence only lead her to pregnant and married at 17 wouldn't you think that perhaps there was something wrong with your system?

Not all of women have a mother who has the means to help us support children. And a lot of 17 and younger girls whom are pregnant are having sex knowing full well they could become pregnant but without easily available contraceptives and open dialogue with a loved ones a taboo suddenly becomes irresistible.

I for one will not be voting for Sarah Palin, knowing what she is putting her daughter through in the name of the christian moral right if you can't mind your own children, how will you keep your finger to the pulse of a nation?


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