Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scootie Puff Jr. Bucks the Rider

So I was about to take Jeci to the doctor when Chris gets my scooter running again and wants me to take a quick test drive.

Eager to test it out I take off entirely too fast and wipe out accross the street in the neighbors driveway.

I slid for about 5 feet with the scooter on top of me then stopped to which I hear "Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit HUNNY! are you ok?! shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!" from Chris running out after me.

our neighbor heard the crash and came running out,as did his wife the nurse.

I was completely conscious and trying to get up but was pinned saying "I'm fine!"

I had road rash down my left side and a rock wedged in my left wrist and my helmet was scratched up, as was my scooter and I was bleeding from several places but felt fine.

So Jeci took me with her to the doctor and he took one look at my pupils and sent me to urgent care for x-rays.

I was mildly concussed (but so was she and she lost consciousness on friday from being ran over by a bunch of idiots with sticks. Look up Society for Creative Anachronism and Pensic War.)

I have a sprained foot, and shoulder, two sprained fingers, and lots of tiny cuts and abrasions. The nurse next door came with me to prompt care and told them to use betadine on my cuts to teach me a lesson and they did.

Let me tell you, shit hurts like a mother!

Chris was already talking about selling Scootie Puff but I said "No, absolutely not."

I have learned my lesson about taking off too fast and I am getting right back on once I feel better and taking a scooter safety class from my other scooter riding friends.

He hesitantly agreed until my friend Curt who rides motorcycles came over and said he would personally teach me and he teaches motor cycle safety seminars.

I checked on Scootie puff today and she started right up and sounded fine, I think there might be some damage to the back wheel, I am going to have to take her apart and take a look. Its a good think I am unemployed right now!

In other news Jeci got fired today.

She came home and said "Good news I am here to take care of you!" I kinda peered up at her like "wah?"

And she told me she had been fired.

GREAT. Two unemployed people in the house.

If our luck keeps running this well we will be living in a cardboard box by September!


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