Saturday, August 09, 2008

City of the lost

Back from Las Vegas. Went to an art show or three while I was there and was privledged enough to tour a printing factory and stay with two animation artist. They say starving artists they are NOT KIDDING.

I spend a good 500.00 of money that was given to me for a posh hotel room and spent it on art, food and clothing for artists that I befriended or whom were long time friends of mine and I don't regret a SINGLE PENNEY.

I have two more foster kittens. A tiny calico who is very skittish who we call Penney Lane and a marbleized cat whom has no name yet.

Really the kitten has no personality to speak of as of yet. Maybe we should call him Stan.

Allie the mama cat is turning out to be quite a little lover. She enjoys sitting in your lap, looking out the window, and eating.

Avery is a devil. He enjoys playing,eating a crap and a nap.

Maddie is still quite shy, tolerates being picked up after a chase, tolerates petting but is afraid, and needs to be socialized.

Avery needs to get neutered and then he will be ready for adoption.

He and Mama are both adoption ready and Avery especially needs more room to run around and destroy, erm I mean explore things.

Job front I have applied for part time work at Barnes and Nobles, Wegmans (shudder) and again at St. Joseph hospital.

I am also looking at going back to school to be a counselor and working part time at the college would really help me out. So I am going to apply to be a temp there.

Avery is in my socks throwing them on the floor so I must end this entry.

More on Vegas with slut pictures and madness later, ah there goes my underwear drawer.. later kids.


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