Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad attitude

So I swear no one listens to me.

Thats why I want to be a counselor Because I want people to feel listened to.

I am going to Las Vegas with the kids by myself and I don't know anyone, but I know I want to go to China town and The First Friday event.

Then it will practically be time to go home.

But while I was there I was hoping to have an MP3 player or Computer to entertain myself.

Not so.

My sister is leaving her laptop here and my fiance refused to buy me a new MP3 plyaer even though my ipod shuffle (the ancient lighter style thing) was stolen.

So now I am off to Vegas with 2 books, some TV, 100 bucks and no friends.

WiFi but no computer, money but HELLO I am not walking around the strip by myself at night?!


What did I get myself into...


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