Saturday, October 18, 2008

its 3:00AM and I am AWAKE.


Ever since going off topamax and cymbalta everyday is a migraine, and back and hand and feet and joint pain.

Or sometimes I am lucky and its just everything but the migraine.

I went to the clinic because I thought I had food poisoning...turns out I have a duodenal ulcer. I couldn't even tell you what or where my duodenum is.

But apparently no medications makes KJ's body start eating itself.

Not having a job helps. If I was on medication I could at least start classes. Get my pre-requisites for my masters done while I am gainfully unemployed.

On a completely awesome and different note Darius and Sean's StepMonster KC bought me a tattoo at Rising Phoenix on Tuesday!

I am getting a geranium. For my nana (again) and also to work with my botanical sleeves.

Next up Left arm: Marigolds Under the geranium and Right arm: Violets under the peony (already there).

My tattoo artist has been giving me SUPER discounts because I am so still and make him laugh. Plus I draw my own work and he really thinks that is awesome because I am not an artist and I save him time.

I also give Kevin total artistic license because I KNOW he will not give me a shoddy tat. His place is brand new, super clean, friendly, and has won so many awards nationally and regionally they can't even place them all on one wall.

Word to the wise, never EVER skimp on ink, go big or don't get a tattoo.

I walked in today to see how Kevin was doing and talked to him for a while and saw his new baby who is named Darius after my nephew! His middle name is Daniel because Darius put Daniel in the lions den, We love irony. My nephews' middle name is Alexander because King Darius and Alexander the Great were at war.

Bibliodork anyone?

I am going to try to take a benadryll in hopes it will make me sleepy.

Stupid body, won't let me sleep, thinks its so tough...BOSSY.


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