Saturday, October 11, 2008

Song for the day

This is still one of my favorite songs. Rufus Wainright and Jason Wade (of Lifehouse) are two artists worth checking out.

This song reminds me of my Christianity class in college. I had a professor Named Father Cotter. He was one of the nicest and most educated and intelligent teachers I had in College.

I recently was fortunate enough to correspond with him via e-mail and he gave me some writing ideas to pitch to WRVO (National Public Radio)

He and I have a fellow love of humorist David Sedaris and the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.

He actually told me he missed my records that I used to mail him and mixed cd's.

I informed him it is terribly difficult to make cd's for a man of the clothe. It is a heart wrenching process because I am so afraid I will offend him.

He then informed me that he was really into old Stone Temple Pilots and Beatles "Rubber Soul" during his sabbatical in Italy (where no doubt he was honing yet ANOTHER language or talent, the man is fluent in 14 languages)

Needless to say after this information I was less hesitant to send him some of my favorite bands.

So without further ado: My Father Cotter CD list

Beside the black water- Modest Mouse
When you gonna learn- Jamiraqui
Useless Beauty- David Bowie
Shameless- Ani DiFranco
Rubber Soul- entire cd BEATLES
Bill Bailey-Aretha Franklin
Solidify- Sheryl Crow
There goes the neighborhood-Sheryl Crow
Hyperspace- Nada Surf
Fruit FLies- Nada Surf
They make beer commercials like this- entire cd- Minus the bear (menos el mato)
Grey GHost- Mike DOughty
Tremendous Brunettes- Mike DOughty/Dave Matthews
You and me- Lifehouse
Love of a child-Jason Mraz
Song for the Dumped- Ben Folds
Brick-Ben Folds Five
Jockey full of bourbon-Full Frontal Folk
Down and out- unplugged-Eric Clapton
Cream- Prince
Musicology- Prince
Ambulence LTD- self titled Entire CD
Bittersweet- Big Head Todd
Casimir Pulaski- Sufjan Stevens
The Black Light-Calexico
Back to black- Amy WInehouse
LDN- Lily Allen
Cochise- Audio Slave
Einstein on the Beach-Counting Crows
All my life-Foo Fighters
The Gambler-Kenny Rogers
September- Earth Wind and Fire
Frequency-Dead Prez

That is just the first installation. Crash and I discovered we have over 5,000 cd's and 200 plus vinyl records including Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash

We want to get them burned to our computers and discs so we can enjoy them in the car.

I recommend that if you have not heard of the songs or artists above to check them out. Pirate bay dot org is a free music sharing service and I highly recommend them to upload and download songs.

And if you really love an artist travel to see them live. I will never forget "Big Head Todd" or "Ani DiFranco" or "Nada Surf" live in concert. Writing music reviews for a small city rag for a friend who is too busy to cover all the concerts has perks!

So if there is one way to relax, unwind and learn about your fellow man it is through music exploration.

Keep the cd's and requests for reviews coming.


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