Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dodging a bullet

So I was catching up with two very good friends of mine who were both Army friends and both shared the same prowess and belief in sexuality as I did.

I just found out that both of them have herpes and one of them has herpes and genital warts.

We all followed the same safe sex guidelines, dated the same types of people, and pretty much hung around the same crowd and had the same batting average to put it delicately but I came out with a totally clean whistle and both of them have life long diseases.

When I asked if they knew when they got it they both said it was probably one of the times they had been in a committed relationship, had gone on the pill and stopped using safe safer sex protection.


I never did that shit. My parents taught me that unless you were married or together and both tested for STD's TOGETHER you didn't pull that crap. Besides which the pill made me insane and I didn't want to go on it.

So maybe I didn't dodge a bullet, but kept my defenses up against potential enemies longer than my comrades.

Makes you think.

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