Friday, July 18, 2008

Manifest Destiny

So. I've manifestered.

I sage smudged, cleaned, shat, showered and shaved, and I got two interviews out of the ordeal. Kudo's to manifestering!

Monday I am taking my beloved pooch Kane K. Micheal on a road trip to get his Testicles reduced. Thus lowering his ability to get testicular cancer and impregnate young bitches.

Aw whom I kidding. The young man is getting the slice and dice.

I'm going to be giving him a half a valium before we drive so he is easier to manage and I have been practicing on him with the stethoscope and showing him a needle. I even did a blood draw (done em a THOUSANd times people don't send me angry letters) and he was a GOOD BOY)

We practiced injecting him with saline and feeling him up around strangers and he understands that means he gets a TINY kiss each time he is good.

Also I will be there with him, in my scrubs, assisting the entire time.

So they were thrilled to have extra hands on deck.

I am going to go to the grocery store now. get bread and some other crap and then off to AC. its 92 degrees here!

Great. The Drummers came. The drummer who always try to get free rental space without paying. Who come in and say "Steve said", or "Ray said",or "we always pay later", and they always come at 4:45 and then say "We will be back at 5!"

So I end up staying late.

I hate them I really do. I am starting the lock down process and if they are not here at 3 minutes to 5 I am locking them out and leaving.

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