Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cheng Kee- Little Brother Lost

I remember when I was a sophmore in college and my mom told me I had a "little brother" I knew right away it was a dog. See growing up with a grandmotherly patriarch we did NOT have a dog. Nor a cat until I was almost a Senior in highschool (one cat) then a sophmore in college (one dog, my mothers)

Now I was sitting in my basement of my apartment with my sister Jeci waiting for my mother and her new dog called a cheeba inuit? or some none sense.

Turns out it was a Shiba Inu and when my mom pulled up and his fuzzy little head popped up over the seat and he ran over to say hello I was instantly smitten (and immediately peed on)

As the years rolled on each summer and break I would come home to visit my "little brother" taking him out for treats at Petco where he had an AVID fan club. Taking him to the Comic book shop (yet another fan club. Even at the Office where he got his shots, I took my cat Billy to get a booster and the woman said "Your total is $35.61 How is Cheng-Kee!?"

We went on road trips, drank from Niagara falls, moved me from Minnesota to New York and celebrated holidays together.

He always remembered me and it warmed my heart that even going blind with diabetes he knew me.

Today July 8 2008 Cheng Kee passed away from cancer in the loving arms of his owner Linda Manlove.

Consequently, We decided Crash and I, that the dog abandoned on our front porch we are going to keep.

So in honor or a great dog we name our dog Kane-Kee Micheal Armstrong.

Cheng-Kee Manlove you will be remembered for the wide shiba smile and always being a sympathetic ear, a huge heart and a gentle soul and I hole Kane can inherit half the wisdom you leave behind.

Love always your little sister,


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