Thursday, June 19, 2008

WTF?! I am flypaper for morons

OK. That's it. THAT is the straw. THE F-ING STRAW!

I want to go to a place in the middle of the woods where no one is and be by myself. No more people, They are a constant disappointment.

I have been pissed on , shat on , sat on dropped from great heights, and spit on by karma and all his and her henchmen and smiled and took it.

I have tried to just take it with a smile when people said craptastic things to me and just brush it off as people being mean and letting it go. But this is IT!

I need a break before someone else gets my wrath who doesn't deserve to be unleashed upon!!!

I had NIMO turn off my electric after I sent them 200 of a 400 dollar bill. I was 97 cents short so they turned my power off without giving me 72 hours to come up with 97 cents.
It took them 2 days to turn it back on again and my dad's lawyers went apeshit on them because I have medical equipment that I use that NEEDS electricity that I had to use a gasoline generator on the back porch strung into the house. to run the fridge and my massage chair for my legs and back.

But we still had no hot water for 24 hours and i had to walk to my sisters house down stairs and had no heat in my apartment and it was 55 degrees in my apartment and I was freezing.

Today I am so tired from lack of sleep I spent the entire day fighting off falling asleep at my desk.

So this woman who sexually harassed me who didn't get reprimanded for it and still volunteers here and calls me "Beautiful" all the time *shudder* is caught carrying a fillet knife in her purse.

I ask her why she is taking a fillet knife from the westcott, she says she was going to return it, she needed it for protection. (???!!!)

Same woman whose dog mauled a friend of mine and permanently disfigured his leg with NO PROVOCATION. Who I (as a dog lover and trainer, and advocate) told Dog control if they ever see it lose it should be immediately euthanized because it isn't sane anymore.

So this crazy woman comes in today and accuses a retired police woman of stealing (wait for it) her frozen cinnamon buns.

I'll say it again.


The lady says that the older gentle men gave everyone some of them and Katie suddenly snatches them from her and then starts saying that she is a thief and that those are hers and she doesn't tolerate thieves. The woman being a retired cop takes offense and says "You can keep the damn buns but you apologize for calling me a thief you are a liar! Your rolls are probably with your purse in the kitchen!"

Crazy Woman turns around takes the frozen rolls and strikes the woman in the arm with the rolls. You heard me crazy bitch HITS HER!

Then as everyone starts screaming and yelling and carrying on the Senior adviser and I come out of the office like a shot and come out to see whats the matter. I see the older retired cop crying and know something is wrong. The Senior adviser turns and starts reaming the crazy bitch out telling her she needs to leave immediately. I come in, tell the senior adviser to leave and assist the injured person. I tell the crazy lady "You have assaulted someone. You have 2 minutes to get yourself as far from here as possible before the police get here, I don't even owe you that."

Then I watched her leave, and called the police, wrote a assault charge, put it on record with the PD here and performed First aid and made an appointment with Prompt care for the assault victim and drove her over.

So upon returning back I hear that the my jerk of a boss had come back and didn't even want to hear about what happened and only said "Send me the bill"


Then a bitch calls on the phone and when I am telling her the booking agent has gone for the day and that I will leave a message she says snottily "So what do you do? answer the phone and write down messages?! Tough Job!"

I wanted to HIT the woman over the phone!

I handle crazy people, rescue animals, work or human rights campaign, raise my nephews, and help other people who suffer from degenerative disc disease and Syringomyelia like I do.

At my job now I just made an art manual for inner city kids, made a volunteer manual, and totally remade a 1,500 member art list mailing so that next years art trail will be better attended and publicized.

So NO, I don't do NOTHING but write down messages you brainless bellydancer I mean who spells Shellie; CHelle'




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