Thursday, June 05, 2008

Scootie Puff Junior, Rises From the Ashes

So it appears that the Angels At the DMV in Albany want to Bish Slap the Taft Road DMV Receptionists.

When I told them about the way she talked to me and what she told me that I needed and then how she refused to give me the paperwork the Albany Angel went BALLISTIC.

Indeed. Miss Peggy from ALBANY said "You need MV 82, an MV 51b that YOU fill out, an MV 51b that Adam fills out, an MV 51, and then a DTF 802, a VIN rubbing, a BILL OF SALE, and an insurance card. If they give you ANY problems you tell them you want the supervisor and that you spoke to the DMV in ALBANY and that I looked at the registration and the model and odometer and that this is indeed the correct paperwork."


Now I am off to draft up a Bill of Sale even though Adam is technically "giving it to me" and then I am done!

I am so happy. Soon I am going to be scooting around Syracuse

KJ, the Junior on Scootie Puff JR.

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