Sunday, June 01, 2008

Good morning Sunshine!

I kiss it every night...

Yes, I am absolutely ridiculous. I am actually planning on pulling apart after it gets too cold to ride and painting the body and the muffler.

Red and black again of course!

Then I want to save up for an Honda Elite. It will be another Scootie Puff Junior. I will never have a Scootie Puff Senior or Scootie Puff Extreme because of my syrinx...


I re-watched Kinky Boots today to see if I wanted to show it for one of our Pride Movie nights. It is funny and sassy but I think that I want to show something fun with a stronger message and starring a real trans personality.

I went to "Divine" website the owner of the real "Kinky Boot's" Factory and saw these:

I thought my back hurt...

I actually thought, I could get more hurt walking on these than I could riding my Spree.

Crash gave me yet ANOTHER lecture about crashing, and about how I have to stay in WCC neighborhood and stay on side streets and tell people where I am riding too and not ride too far and blah blah blah.

Adam already saif to Crash he is giving me lessons, he said I would get better as I rode more (I'm a LITTLE out of practice)Adam actually said "She needs to ride FARTHER and LONGER Crash not nearer and less."

I thought Crash was going to punch Adam and lock me in a tower.

So Adam and I went outside to work on the scooters and drink Beers until crash went to work.

I know WHY Crash is over protective being that I am sick and fragile but the fact that I already know my life could be shortened makes me want to live harder not more cautiously.

I wish he could see that I will be careful but won't walk around in bubble wrap.

Adam said I should try to let the scooter run today and clean it so I am off to do that as well as trim some more trees down in the back. I am listening to a bummer Ray Charles song...OK Need to switch and chipper up I am a Scooter Girl!


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