Thursday, June 12, 2008

The beat goes on...

So I get an e-mail today from Spay and Neuter Syracuse today. They can't Neuter Blockhead AKA "Kane" until July. Which means we are fostering him until July.

Which means walking him, feeding him, training him, trimming nails, socializing, and generally being a dog owner again until well into July.

This wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't also trying to get a job, go on vacation, and deal with a worsening back at the same time.

This is just the WORST time to have a dog dropped on me.

I usually would never say something this hateful but whoever ditched this dog, I hope you get hit by a train, bus, truck, or large car and die a slow painful death alone, cold, in a ditch and in the hands of vengeful spiteful gods and later roast over a spit in hell.

This dog has serious problems about worrying people are going to attack me when we are walking. He is super anxious about the house and is constantly thinking people are trying to break in, and whoever had him before encouraged some of his aggressive characteristics because his temperament test showed that he responded aggressively at first to high pitched squeaky voices even when I stopped the voice and told him to sit.

The next day when we tested him with going in the yard and watching a neighbor he lunged at the neighbor and barked showing aggression and wouldn't be corrected.

He shows signs of being Incredibly stubborn, and borderline aggressive. He will need to be with an owner who KNOWS dogs, has owned dogs and knows how to make them work. He needs to work and do things. I think he is the kind of dog that would be a great garage or dump dog. He could be with a person all day and then guard and bark at things all night.

Well. I have 2 weeks to train him and get his urinary infection under control and hopefully find him a family. But I am ruling out small children and anyplace in the city.

Did I also mention I also was handed a baby bird and two newborn kittens last night? We won't even BEGIN to go into that.


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