Monday, January 22, 2007

Henna day

SO I mixed up my batch of Henna. I got the same Dark brown Henna from my local Indian Grocery, mixed in 2 oz of AMLA powder, squirted in Lime juice, added gelatin, Lavendar and patchouli and mixed with Hot Coffee and then let sit on a heating pad for 45 minutes.

I applied the goop to my hair and took a three hour nap. Woke up, rinsed it out using kiwi lime squeeze conditioner and then let it air dry.

I have been having a terribly itchy scalp lately and so yesterday I made a brown sugar and conditioner scrub and applied it liberally to my scalp.

Then rinsed my hair well and braided it damp and fell asleep.

Woke this morning with soft (even a little greasy) hair. Not sure as to why but I may have to do a vinegar rinse tonight. I don't usually wash my hair for 5 days after henna but this time I may have added more AMLA than neccesary and thus dried my scalp.

I made sure that I had not washed my hair for 5 days previous to applying the henna so that should have given me enough scalp protecting oils.

Maybe I will perform a coconut/lime soak...

I'll have to ask my friend Kiya for the recipe. I am way bummed LHC is offline along with the Beauty Bottle! I hope the hackers didn't get to it again.

Well. Peace and good hair days!


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