Friday, January 05, 2007

Vegan Hair and Skin Tips from India

Shinier Hair:
Half an hour before washing your hair, rub coconut milk onto your scalp. This will also make your hair shinier.

Natural Hair Shine Booster:
At night before going to sleep, give your hair a hundred strokes with a brush. This increases the blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. However brush your hair GENTLY!

Olive Oil the natural Hot Oil Treatment:
Heat olive oil and massage into hair and then take steam. By doing this regularly you will get rid of split-ends.

Coconut the magic fruit:
Using coconut oil in sauteed veggies, stirred into rice, or even to pop popcorn only 2 tablespoons a week helps the scalp and the skin to glow and be clear of blemishes and grime.

Pimple Fighter:
This is a recipe I happened to find by accident. I saw lemon peel powder when buying my henna and amla and bought some. I found out adding it to my conditioner only washes helped to clarify my scalp. I then used it with glycerin and rosewater on my face which was breaking out as a mask and it cleared up a nasty blemish in a few days! This stuff is amazing but fair warning do NOT get this in your eyes, holy sting.
Oh FYI Key Lime Juice works really well and smells divine but be sure to be aware that it can be pricey for the authentic thing.

Potatoes: Who knew they were so versatile?
To remove dark circles around your eyes, apply the juice of potatoe everyday. Also for hemerhiods that are painful a potato poutice or rounded sliver applied to the affected area helps to stop bleeding and heal the tear. In fact potatos are natural vasoconstrictors, and its a lot less embarressing to buy a pound of potatoes vs. "hemorhoid ointment"

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