Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ragdoll Ani

I read this after seeing a picture that looked exactly like Ani my girl kitty. We call her the poofy, not-so-smart killer whale beached on the floor because of her tendency to go limp.

But I was speechless when I read this it was like they were describing her:

"If you want a large cat which is non-aggressive, loves to be with people, and is very placid, and often becomes enamoured with inanimate objects, then the rag doll is the cat for you.

Ragdolls are large, heavy cats, with broad chests and large hindquarters. They are slow-maturing, and do not reach full maturity until approximately three years of age. Females are smaller than males, weighing about 10-15 pounds on average. Males weigh an average of 12-20 pounds as adults, although some may grow to be larger.

Their medium-long coats and bushy tails have a soft texture that feels like rabbit fur. In general, Ragdolls have longer fur around the neck (a "ruff") and on the back of the hindquarters (sometimes referred to as "britches"). The fur does not tend to mat, and is easily combed. It does, however, require occasional grooming.

Ragdolls (as their name implies) are extremely "laid-back," docile, non-aggressive cats. They tend to relax when held. They are said to possess a non-fighting instinct, which means that if attacked, they do not defend themselves. They are very "people" oriented and love to be around others, which often finds them greeting guests and/or following their owners around in a fashion similar to a puppy. They are often quite an attraction in a show ring because of their docile dispositions and acceptance of the judge placing them on their backs, holding them like a baby, etc.

In general, Ragdolls are not extremely vocal, but they do voice their opinions concerning certain things (such as at mealtime!). Ragdolls are generally placid cats, but they do love to play with all types of toys and like to be involved in whatever "action" is going on."

Ragdolls are pointed cats. Like other pointed breeds such as the Himalayan and Siamese, Ragdoll kittens are born all white and slowly develop color. The color continues to deepen as the cat ages."

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