Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Knitting is Addiction-Calorimetry for Dummies

Here is what I did for a small fauxlemitry (calorimetry) for my friends chihuahua (can we say too much time on our hands...) Obviously this is gauged to be LARGER but I used the same technique.

I used Caron Simply Soft Tweed in Black and used a double strand. It used one ball/skein of yarn.

Cast on even number of stitches (I did 96 for my small head)

knit row one
purl one entire row to last 2 stitches, place marker
Turn the piece (leaving the 2 stitches on the other needle unknitted)
knit until you reach the last two stitches on the other side, STOP, placce marker, turn work
purl until you reach your marker, remove marker slip one stitch, KNIT three, place marker
Knit until you reach marker on the other side,remove marker, slip ONE stitch, PURL three stitches, place marker
PURL to other side.
Repeat this pattern until you have 22 stitches outside each marker
(it was like 13 rows for me, but it may vary for you, just make sure there are an even amount of stitches on the outside of both markers)
Depending if you finished on a knit or a purl you continue to the marker, remove it, knit/purl 4 stitches, replace marker, knit/purl to other marker, remove it, knit/purl 4 stitches, replace marker

Keep doing this until you have 2 stitches left on either side of each marker.
Slip oe stitch (so one remains) and work to other marker, slip stitch again and work to final marker, then work last two stitches.

work one last row by binding off the stitches.

Sounds complicated but it really isn't. Once you master this try making one with ribbing!


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