Friday, January 05, 2007

Why the "rogue" writings

Someone asked me why I chose the name "Rogue Writer" Actually its because like most things in my life I seem to be pretty good at things quickly but I excel in nothing.

I am an awesome fake. I take on challenges, am lucky and then quit.

I learned to bike, entered a mountain bike challenge, one 2nd place and retired.

I learned Karate, entered a weapons tournament, won 1st place and retired.

I painted for a class, was chosen as a 1st place winner nationally, gave the painting to my mother and didn't paint anymore.

I learned to fence, beat my instructor at a dual one day, gave my foil away and never fenced again...

Honestly it isn't bragging because it is really quite depressing. It seems every craft I tried, every game I played it was one extreme or another. I either sucked horribly at it or was terribly good at it and became disenchanted.

Thus far I have done everything from:

Working with wolves
Sleeping in a monestary
Traveling to Korea over a long weekend
Bonding with elephants
Touched thousand year old art objects
Met world famous writers
Had lunch with Nobel Peace reciepients
Learned to throw axes
Fenced against Kings
Ate dinner with Opera Prima Donas
Met famous poets
Taught myself to hook rugs
Walked with presidents
Shared Jokes with governers
Saved Feral Kittens who would come to no one else
Saved Dogs and sat with them when they died
Was Sponsored by Mountain Bike Company to race
Taught myself to knit
Was sponsered by a hair care team to perform in Karate Tournament
Was the only female in an all male volunteer fire department
Was the first female in a small professional fire dept
Performed a 20 second keg stand unassisted
Was the youngest female in a yet another fire dept
Am one of the oldest persons sufferinfg from Syringomyelia to still be walking without assistance and not taking Opiates for pain.
Was the first Bi-Racial person adopted by three Native American Tribes
Learned to shop lift
Taught myself to write a grant
Learned German, Swahili, and Afrikaans by myself after struggling to learn Spanish
Taught myself to crochet
Became a all star rugby player
Had an article published in the newspaper
Hand another published in a few magazines
Had pictures published in both periodicals
Was in the news on hundreds of occasions
Spoke at lectures, conferences, and rallies accross the world.
Met a kitten who could give a rats ass about any of the above shit. . .
Thats right. Spam didn't give a shit. She could care less about the above and yet to be discovered talents. She cared about Food, warmth, water and her place in a pack. She didn't trust anyone, she was mean, aggressive and stubborn. Instead of giving her away or putting her to sleep she became my newest friend.
Spam taught me that above all else that I tried and enjoyed the one thing that filled me and gave me a sense of purpose was my ability to "get through" to animals. Somehow their actions made complete sense to me and I could understand even the strangest of behaviours.
So now Spam is my friend. I am not her owner and she is not my cat. She shares space with me and each morning we commune so that I can scratch her ears and look into her golden eyes and she can learn to accept affection.

I am working on enhancing my photographic memory, because I keep seeing things when I pet Spam and other animals. don't know why but I want to be able to remember them. I am trying think of ways to emphasize to people the importance of being vegan and taking care of the earth and its creatures. I think that the reason I was good at all these things was to prepare me for this.

It is the hardest thing I have even done. Being Vegan and Working to Save animals. It doesn't come naturally because too many other people don't care, or are offensive just because of my diet choices. It helps that I can relate to them on other levels. But the point of this article is this. I am a rogue because I never know what I am going to have to do. I have to be able to be at least passable at things in order to help those without voices. The work involved including meditation, reading, time, patience, and kindness are skilled that cannot be stolen through luck or touch.

This is why I am called the Rogue. And I write so that if my photographic memory fails me, I have something else to jog my mind.

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