Thursday, May 08, 2014

Summer time flea control

I am a big DIY and natural here at Casa TooManyMammals.  That said I have been known to break out the emergency capstar or advantage when I see the neighbors cats have fleas.

NOW however I use all natural stuff and we have nary a flea outbreak (4 years going, finger crossed!)

What I found out about Flea collars was that they are 1. Dangerous and 2. Ineffective.

Once I started making my on flea deterrent I found nary a flea.  Step one was making my own "flea spray"

I use a small spray bottle, and fill with  two cups boiled water (cooled)
5 drops Cedar essential oil
5 drops tea Tree
5 drops lavendar
5 drops pine

I have about 20 essential oils on hand you can use any combo, the importance is 10 drops per one cup water.

I spray this about every other day on my dogs neck and back before we hike (Yep, we hike, in the woods, plains, ANYWHERE and nary a flea or tick!)

I also vacuum using a flea deterrent mix:

1 cup diatomaceous earth
1 cup baking soda
 5 drops lavender
5 drops Cedar

I sprinkle this on carpets, let sit for a few minutes, then vacuum it up. I also put a little in the vacuum container.

clean, fresh, no fleas (and no worms either!)

I hope this helps!  I am not against meds. I treat my dog and cat with ivermectin 6 months out of the year for heartworm prevention but I don't waste money on flea collars and sprays when this stuff has worked really well!

EDIT:  I no longer treat my American Bulldog with Ivo-Mec every month, I do a 30-1 dilution (appropriate for TINY dogs) for him instead.  So far he has tolerated it well.

Good Luck and happy summer!

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