Sunday, May 01, 2011

Reviews and blues

So on the rear end of my job money spiraling away, I did buy myself some treats to cheer myself up, and of course, to review.

So in no particular order:

Emjoi Emagine Epilator: I started with the Braun silk epil and was certain that epilating my legs was simply going to take less the time of shaving (1 a week vs every day) but after using the Braun I noticed that each and every time I used the machine I got ingrown hairs or it stung like the dickens!

So I invested a little money (89 bucks) and bought the emjoi Emagine.

All I can say is WOW. First of all it has twice the tweezers and is super fast and very grippy! I got done with both arm pits, my legs and my happy trail in under 15 minutes.

Although my armpits are always a tad ouchy, before was hell and the Braun Tweezers would tear at my skin and pinch. Not the case with the emjoi emagine.

I simply skin in over my skin and in one slow pass it takes out the hair, ALMOST painlessly.

Now the size makes for doing the bikini line and face a little scary (I now wax my face, I am not putting anything that loud to my lip) but as long as you twin your nether hair, the emjoi works great, just use only one side.

Now I can have smooth legs for weeks instead of hours in the time it takes to shave.

STRONGLY recommend.

Wooly Rhinoceros Yarn:

Just bought a skein of CashMerino. It feels like straight up cashmere. The test knit was a delightful pebbly texture due to the thick and thin stranding of the yarn and the dye was vibrant.

This yarn is available on Etsy at:

Earth shoes sandals:
So ever since it has become warmer weather I had been eying these sandals at Wegmans.
I went online to compare the price and found that Wegmans had the CHEAPEST deals and the widest selection thus far in Earth Shoes so I snapped them up (39.95 plus tax)
Wearing these I had no "First day in new sandals" uncomfortable. Which for spinal cord injury girl is rare. The dropped heels helped with my chronic calf cramping and I found myself wearing them even inside the house because they were more comfortable than being barefoot, which if you know me is saying a LOT.

There are so many styles, it would be amiss to only mention one, so go to to see mine, but buy some for yourself, your feet will thank you.

OK kids, that's all for this segment,this girl went through yet another hospital visit with migraines from hell and two days in be with sunglasses.

Next? My dogs new collar, my new bling,and deck gardening for dummies.


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