Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dog Massage

Yes I massage my dog. I learned from a massage therapist, took some basic anatomy courses of mammals and physiology and now I am master at massaging large animals. Because Kayne Micheal is 80 pounds, this applies.

And what do you ask, does it do massaging your dog?

Well, in the case of most over bred, or bred to look a certain way dogs, most of whom are not exercised enough, eat too much, and don't live in a place where the ground is similar to that of a forest floor...well it helps them to live longer in short.

We walk our dog almost every day on concrete, we live in a hard wood floor apartment, and on the second floor.

Needless to say Kayne Micheal had joint issues before from his nightmare of being used as a bait dog. Now that he is 4 years old what seems young to us is middle aged for him and his hard early life is showing.

Thus every night his collar comes off and the massaging wand (yes he LOVES the back massager)comes out.

He is so used to this as soon as he is done helping papa move the car to off street parking he comes bounding in and hops on the bed and gives me "The Look" ie dog speak for "what are your hands broken? get to rubbing mama!"

In fact if I don't get going, he will sit by my head and whine and paw at me until I get up, and start giving him a rub down.

Both Crash and I noticed that the massage in conjunction with him sleeping on a Serta Baby mattress (We found one used that didn't smell like pee) has him a lot more limber in the AM and sleeping through the night like a champ (before he would cry, toss and turn on his blanket on the floor bed.

His bed is so comfy now I have climbed in his cage and cuddled up next to him during thunderstorms (He is TERRIFIED of them and only being held and sung too calms him down) I ended up falling asleep with my arms wrapped around him. That's some mattress!

So go give your dog or cat or other large mammal some TLC today.

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