Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nail crap and Nivea Soft review

So I FINALLY got my hands on some China Glaze Crackle polish!


But I do have pictures of a few other mani's to tide us all over until I can cook or try a new product.

Oh Quick review first, Nivea sent me some lotion to try for a week Nivea "Soft" for body and face.

Went on quick, absorbed fast, made my face feel too greasy but on my body was AWESOME. It worked like a thick cream without feelig greasy or taking forevr to absorb. 5 hours later and after vacuuming the whole house and spending 3 hours outside with the dog my skin is still moist and comfortable but not the least sticky.

Made me get a small bump on my chin (I have a super sensitive face!) But otherwise I think I am going to ditch my Neutrogena and buy a big bottle before they DC it!

Here is my sparkle mani:




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