Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday Gun and Knives show!

The Nails:

Gunshow Nails

I got some tactical knives for Chris and got to see some beautiful knives from a friend of mine Phil Adams:



I also helped my boy Baxter get a scope for his gun and then got to see a really neat decolletage knife:


Had I more money I may have picked it up.

It was a smorgasbord of guns for Baxter and Knives for me, we were there for HOURS.


The next day was the Westcott Street Cultural Fair, so I wore my Yay Prop 8 nails:

Happy Westcott Nails!

I was having a great time until Baxter called me and told me he'd found a tortoise in rough shape that some one had abandoned in an apartment he managed.

Knowing that I knew my way around reptiles and amphibians he asked if I would take it and get it healthy.

I took it, little did I know that my ex- abused, ex-fighting dog Kayne Micheal would adopt it and decide that it was "his" tortoise.





Today Chris came home with a piece of italian marble, a metal lamp, a full spectrum lamp, and a huge underbed storage container. The Tortoise now takes up an entire coffee table.

Today I have my Barbie nails, and tonight I have to have naked nails and toes because I have surgery in the morning :(

Barbie Nails

Well. Thats my update. There will be more n a week. I am going to be going into surgery I need to go do my pre surgical B.S.


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