Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quickie post- Ciate worst customer service.

I have been recieveing this e-mail for TWO months.

Hello Guest,

We have noticed you still not complete processing your order on
Just to inform you this order will be cancelled automatically in two days unless its fully processed.
If you are still interested in making a purchase then please click on and visit your order history once you have logged in.

We look forward to your purchase.

Lots of Love,
The Team at Ciaté

Notice canceled is spelled wrong.

I was going to purchase from them until the shipping and handling charges came up, as well as reading reviews from other nail bloggers about Ciate wear (or lack there of) and drying time.

For the money I think that I will keep to my native land for now.

More nail updates soon, my google account was compromised and I was ill again, but I have been a busy little bee!!!


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Aisling said...

Cancelled isn't wrong at all, it's just the UK way of spelling it.