Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wipe Out

Thursday evening we had a Senior Dinner which meant that I worked an 11 hour day. Then Friday I had an 10 hour day because Crash ran all over Syracuse and back.

Saturday saw me up at 7:30 AM helping to coax a scared Rottweiler back into a kennel then driving like Batman to get to the "Center" to help 14 College students Rake, scoop, shovel, dredge, hoe, and otherwise clean up the 2 acre outside of the center.
Then I went home, wrangled my two strays and my three domestic house cats (as per my routine two are geriatric) and got to bed around 11.

Sunday: Woke up at 7:30 went to the Spay/Neuter Emergency Clinic and saw we had 10 cat neuters, 10 cat spays, and 2 dog neuters, not to mention 3 walk in ELISA tests.

2 cats tested positive for AIDS and we had to call the owners but happily the owners decided to let the animals live inside and live out their lives happily and keep them as healthy as possible.

Unfortunately the tech working does not care for cats and one cat in particular could tell and decided to take it out on me. So now I have two fingers with cat bites healing on them.

Which makes it fun, of not extremely difficult to type.

That work day ended at 4:30 which meant an 8.5 hour day but that didn't take into account no breaks.

Needless to say by Monday my already immuno-deficient and spino-defective body decided that it was no longer going to bear weight or allow me to lift my arms or move m legs or form comprehensive speech patterns.

So. yes.

In reward for this I was only able to grab my home phone and tried to call my work, which I was only able to call my answering machine, I left a message (which apparently no one got) and because no one got it I was penalized a extra quarter day off.

Insert long ass sigh here. I only sigh because she thinks I lied about calling in, except I always call in, I never lie about calling in, one time I could not find my stupid cell phone and call in using my regular phone which doesn't have long distance and I get a quarter day penalized.

ok, well I WAS already down so I guess I deserved the kick.

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