Monday, April 28, 2008


Fortsythia is apparently the name of the flowering yellow bush that I saw and took a photo of for my blogger page.

Thank you for that little bit of information.

I knew about the hyacinth because its one of my favorite scents and flowers but the yellow bush was thwarting me!

So I am at the WCC working on stuff and alternately trying to find a job.

I have applied to 4 places already and its been an hour.

I am only looking for part time one would think I would be able to find something!

I have a pretty decent portfolio!

I am freezing because the window in the office is open and it is 50 degrees in here.

YAY! 50 degrees!

I have a coat, sweat shirt and two t-shirts on and my hands are FREEZING!

I am going to ask Jonathen to shut the GD window.

We just found out there is going to be a new 40 below summit for people 40 years old and younger to try to drum up people staying in Syracuse who are 40 and younger. But since the job market here sucks we are trying to get local not for profits to come and do job fairs and get 40 and younger people out to try to get them to apply for jobs and stay in the Syracuse area.

I am going to be doing the 40 below Summit meeting and hopefully it will give me some job leads. Which leads me to my next task, contacting Robin and Swat and getting Ank her meds and asking them about some part time employment leads.


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