Thursday, June 15, 2006

It figures yesterday was great...

So today I found a giant hemroid on my butt. It is HUGE.

Then I found another huge growth on my ear, my eye, and my abdomen.

My doctor says "Yeah you are cystic the skin you have is really thin, take Horse chestnut"

So I am going to go and buy this crap when I see it costs 15.00 DOLLARS! (for three bottles but PLEASE!)

So I finally go to check my checking account and see that my credit card is overdrawn, funnily enough I don't even remember using this card to buy anything. So I go on my account and find out BusinessMaxx has been enrolling me in this stupid super saver account who has 51.60 a month fee!!!

Yeah I ripped them a new one and told them to reimburse me.

I then figured out that I didn't even remember getting a bill!

So I piss and moan and fix this crap and then call my credit card and tell them what happened and ask if they would please forgive my late fee and help me to disenroll in any weird account stuff.

Then I applied for a 200 increase hopefuly to forgive my over draft. Then I am going to cruise for a loan from Empire and hopefully ge this loan payed off.

God I hate money...

My wish list:
Paton Bohemian Cranberry 2 skeins
Journals from
Record player and speakers
A trip to a beach

These are my wish lists and I am going to give up going out to dinner, exspensive coffee treats, cookies from Alto Cinco and shoes.

Oh hell...I'll promise not to start a new damn craft!

That and not adopting any other pets should save me money. My cats need jobs.

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diosaperdida said...

I am very sorry you got scammed like that. People amaze me..they have absolutely no morals.