Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Preya, then Kadar, then Gita who will die next?

No these are not people you know. Although you may have heard of them. They had two things in common. First and formost they were Asian Elephants. Second and most important they died in City zoos.

Why is this important? Elephants are on of the oldest species of animal on this planet. Dating back to prehistoric earth. They have taught us so much about evolution, animal behavior and family units in nature.

We have learned that elephants cry when in pain or distress.

We have learned that female elephants stay together their entire lifetime.

We have learned that elephants are closely related to Mastadons but incredibly more intelligent.

Some elephants can predict early drought and choose not to breed.

Elephants can paint, they "play" and mother their young up to three years and if the calve is femal an entire life.

Elephants have been known to stop at elephant bones and carcasses and look at the bones almost pensivly and gently but them down together before walking off.

My point? elephants are gentle loving beautiful creatures that do not deserve to be treated like slaves. They deserve to have land that is THEIRS and only theirs. To live out their lives in sanctuaries where they can be loved and cared for and in the end teach us about compassion, joy and preservation.

Who knows what other secrets they have for us? We won't if we let them die off because of our greed and negligence.

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