Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soul Searching...

1. How was your day? Started off cold and with a fever

2. Ever pet an unusual animal? Explain unusual...

3. Ever do a threesome? not a porno style one

4. Ever make-out or kiss someone of the same sex? yeah

5. How's the weather right now? sunny and perfect

6. Do you play in the rain? yes

7. Are you insecure? Sometimes

8. Do you believe in love? yes

9. Play any sports? Air Hockey

10. Ever stuck your tongue to something frozen? 5th grade to a street post

11. Who do you miss? My brothers (RIP)

12. Who are you thinking of? right now? My brothers James and Seth, wish they were alive.

13. How many kids do you have? none, I am childless by choice. My cats would eat them.

14. Do you like your job? Sometimes

15. What did you go to school for? Social Policy and English Literature

16. Tell me about the perfect guy/girl? Chris is the perfect guy

17. If you could be a flower what would you be and why? Gerber Daisy in Pink

18. Do you believe in reincarnation? Energy yes

19. What is your religion? Buddhist/paganesc

20. Do you have a special someone? I have several someone specials

21. Does someone think you're special? I hope so

22. Give a quote that describes your life right now and why: Barely Contained Mayhem

23. Describe your perfect wedding: One that I am not required to plan or wear a hideous outfit for.

24. If you had your own band, what would your name be? "Muppet Mayhem"

25. What is something you say a lot? "Dude"

26. Would you rather be nailed or screwed? Nailed. I've been screwed enough lately.

27. Do you like dinosaurs? Yep Triceratops are cute

28. Who's your favorite Simpson character? Lisa-my cartoon god

29. What's missing in your life right now? Chaos

30. Do you know a lot of people with your same name? no

31. Do you like your name? I guess

32. Are you a stripper? Would you ever do it? no, not in public

33. Are there eggs in your fridge right now? no, I'm Vegan

34. Is there a song that makes your heart melt? "Lullaby" by Juliet Lloyd

35. Do you think astrology really means anything? yep, I have a leo sign tattoo'd on my back

36. Do like indoors or outdoors? Outdoors

37. Do you ever wish you were someone else? no

38. What's your favorite thing to do? read

39. What's one thing you're good at? other than reading? I have been called a animal whisperer...

40. What's one thing about yourself you don't like? my butt

41. Ever had surgery? too damn many times

42. Are all your ducks in a row? yes but they are multi-colored

43. Are you playing with a full deck? missing a spade

44. Do you think you are hot and sexy? Shoo nuff

45. Are you an alcoholic? Don't touch the stuff

46. Best break up song: "Breakin up is hard to do!"

47. Name 12 songs to the soundtrack of your life:
"Absolution" Muse
"Yellow" Coldplay
"Plastic Trees" Radiohead
"Pink Cadillac" Aretha Franklin
"Georgia" Ray Charles
"Superstition" Stevie Wonder
"You belong to me" Jason Wade
"Celebration" Kool and the Gang
"Shining Star" Earth, Wind, And Fire
"Alright" Supergrass
"Always Love" Nada Surf
"Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz

48. Any regrets? Not having dreads in college

49. If you were a superhero, who would you be and why? I am a superhero

50. Why is your favorite color? Antique Pink

51. Are you a freak? Yes

52. Ever wonder about your own funeral? Shits pre-planned, no worries!

53. Ever kill anyone or anything? unfortunately yes, they were suffereing

54. Are you where you want to be in life? I'm where I am, I try not to wonder

55. Do you like to go bowling? not especially

56. Are you graceful? uh, sometimes?

57. Do you think you are intelligent? I've been told I am...

58. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Depends on how I feel

59. Are you a nympho? Yes

60. Do you have any hidden talents? If I do they are hidden to me.

61. Would you ever go on a safari? Hells Yeah!

62. What's your favorite letter of the alphabet? X

63. Do you eat breakfast? Always

64. What do you do in your spare time? Define "spare time"

65. Finally, are you happy? Sho nuff

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