Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pirate kitten, cherokee daughter

Her name started as sweetie, then baby, then Nina-Mohsi (strong daughter) now she graduates again. Halla. Because she is one tough pirate kitten.

She started off wasting to death in a lawn in Rochester where my other boss found her. Severe infections in her eyes and nose along with ringworm and severe dehydration made for one sad looking cat.

Crash and I took her to try to nurse her through the night. She made it by me waking up every three hours to dribble water into her mouth and try to get her to suck down liquid baby food.

Finally by 3 in the morning she had eaten liquid baby food watered down with whole milk infant formula.

By that evening she was eating ground Tuna and formula and this morning I found her covered in her own urine but hungry.

After a meal of warm tuna, milk and kitten chow she had a bath. She must be feeling better because she bit me and growled at me. But she took her medicine, drank water, and is sitting here in fresh bedding watching me type and looking curiously at our cat William who is making an ass out of himself. Spitting and hissing at a kitten the size of his belly.

Ani on the other hand is VERY curious. She really wants to lick the kitten and eat its food and lie in the basket with it. I don't think she understands its a cat yet and thinks its a stuffed toy. But I think Halla prefers that to William hissing at her.

Yes three name changes. Now she really is an american indian's cat.
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