Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Upside of Menses

I lied. There is no upside other than knowing I'm not pregnant.
I am having yet another period with all the lovely pain that having cysts and fibroids brings.

It seems so easy for me to fly off the handle and jump down my partners throat for stupid things. I don't like the fact that meditation and breathing practice cannot ease this pain. I am sure it is more offensive because it means less control for me.

The only exercise I can think of that this is the opportunity to practice is letting go.

I cannot hold anger at my condition, I cannot hold anger at my failure to control pain via non-medicinal methods. I must be thankful that this is Sunday and not Monday, had I been at work I most certainly would have been sent home or useless.

Instead I will take this time as a chance to rest, eat something homemade, and take time to read, do a craft or just rest.

I must let go of the feeling that I am "wasting time" and embrace the idea that sometimes rest is the best use of time.

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