Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Who do you love? Right now.

So I posted before about how much I love certain brands of things. But there are lots of things that I am loving right now that have nothing to do with polish (I know...WEIRD)

Well. I have had time to use, and use and use and I wanted to post an updated WHAT I LOVE, now.

1. Nail Magic Base coat therapy. Available at Sally Beauty, I am on my second bottle and am going to be going back for a third. It has replaced CND Stickey and Instant Artificial's as my Holy Grail of Nail Bases. You do need to apply two coats so that your polish does not stain (If you are like me and wear dark China Glaze, Sinful Colors, and LA Colors)I love it so much I am going to be buying some for my Nana.

2. Blue Cross Cuticle Remover. Also Sally Beauty staple. I use this on my dry feet, Chris' cuticles, and oh yeah, to remove cuticles from my nails.

3.Olive Oil in an empty nail polish bottle. I actually BOUGHT a sterile nail polish bottle and put in some organic extra virgin olive oil with just a few drops of Evening primrose and vitamin e. Every time I think about it I swab it onto my cuticles (And my fiance' cuticles) and let it soak in. I use to have hangnails lke cray cray, but now not the case!.

4. Poshe Top Coat. Yes I know the old Poshe was supposedly better, and something about the new Posche people don't like. But you know what? This top coat dries like instantly and keeps my mani fresh for three days with no chipping. I don't care if it is made from the tears of lonely puppies, it works. ( I actually would care about the puppies, I love puppies, and kittens, and all baby animals.)

5. Suave Naturals Rosemary Mint Conditioner. I have used this conditioner three bottles now. My fiance Chris loves it, I love it. It doesn't weigh down the hair, rinses clean but leaves hair soft but not coated. Plus the smell is rad.

6. Wicked Scentuals (Etsy) Liquid Blue soap. This soap is so old skool blue Coast, and vanilla, and awesome. We have almost used up our sample bar and are going to buy a pound. It is cleansing but doesn't strip the skin, is a perfect face wash for me. And the scent lasts for a long time without being overwhelming. I actually caught a kid sniffing me in the grocery store and when i looked at him he says "You smell like happy" LOL.

7. My old retainer. YES I said retainer. My teeth are actually floating again and I called my orthodontist and he said "start wearing your retainer at night again" its been freaking 10 years since I wore that thing! But here I am once again wearing it. My Dentist does not cover orthodontia but my old Ortho said if I came back to MN to bring it and he would adjust it or replace it for free so my teeth would stay straight. Wearing it keeps me from grinding my teeth in my sleep too.

8. Laughing Cow Light spreadable cheese. This is the shiznit. 50 calories, 2 grams of fat, add a slice of fat free cheese and low carb bread and a tablespoon of low fat buttery spread and you have a decadent grilled cheese that is 1/8 the calories and fat of a normal grilled cheese.

9. Brummel and Brown Yogurt and Butter spread. Tastes just like butter, 65% less fat, grills up awesome, you can bake with it, perfect on a piece of toast.

10. Straight Leg Lunges. OK yeah, actually I HATE these. But I make myself do 90 a day on top of my plie squats, normal squats, Horse stance squats, and Russian Twists abs. Adding in the other weight and resistance stuff I do while watching netflix I am finally starting to loose thigh, and gain muscle. WIN.

So what are you loving right now?


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