Saturday, September 10, 2011

NOTD-Wet and Wild Franken

Hello readers of mass destruction. Today I have a manicure using a slightly frankened version of Wet and Wild "How I met your Magenta" with "9021 Orange" over it and OPI "OPI Red" for accent nail art. Nothing fancy to gussy up the WnW HIMYM, I just added 5 drops of China Glaze Strawberry Fields and 9 drops OPI "OPI Red" Then mixed the bejeebus out of it. I like how it turned out! Photobucket Photobucket The above is 2 coats WnW HIMYM Franken with 1 coat WnW 9021 Orange. I think it turned out nice! WnW has been surprising me with the quality of their polishes. I have 6 bottles of OPI in similar colors to WnW and have to say the WnW chips a LOT less and usually only starts on day three. (Which by then I am literally panting to change my manicure) The OPI on the other hand is usually chipping for me by the end of day one. Now to be fair I am HARD on my manicures. I have 4 cats, a tortoise, a turtle, a dog, and a fiance to take care of, my nails take a BEATING. A friend of mine suggested that I try gel polish, saying that I could still paint over the color as long as I used non acetone remover. However with the frequency in which I change my nail color, it seemed like a waste of time to me. HOWEVER, when I go out of town for 7 days in October I am SERIOUSLY considering getting a gel manicure in a neutral color so that I don't have to mess around with lugging polish. I am doing wedding coordinating, hair, nails, and makeup for the Bride and her entire Bridal Party. So needless to say a 7 day french manicure might be just what I need so I don't obsess over chipped nails. Then I could do a review! LOL Ah the depths to justify a nail care purchase. I need to go out and buy some more Acetone, however I was in the Emergency room all last night for a terrible migraine. They tried Toradol and Benadryl and it didn't help. So they gave me Thorazine. MAN. I instantly felt like I lowered my IQ by 20 points. Its lingering too. Then my O2 stats kept falling below 90 so they hooked me up to O2. And it was cold as a meat locker in the room. I had a minor panic attack once the doctor saw me and was in the middle of putting on my shoes and clothes and leaving (for some odd reason I had this foreboding that I was going to have a bad reaction to the IV meds, and I did) but one of the nurses who knows my sister in law came in and talked to me and got me to relax. I told him about my weird fear and anxiety (which is NOT normal for me at all) and he said if I felt like that again to tell him right away and he would walk with me around the floor, that maybe I just had nervous energy or my back may be n a bad position and be irritating my nerves. He was wonderful. So Today I am resting in bed, Doctor AND Fiance orders. Hope you are well! KJ

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