Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Bough on the Money tree

SO I did my taxes. I should get about 800 bucks back.

I have a loan I am going to pay off.

With whats left over I am going to put some in savings, get one pair of jeans, two pairs of plugs (wood) a kilo of henna (from Henna Sooq to last the year and its 60% cheaper than buying small quantities every month when I get paid)

I am also getting my scootie puff junior back on the road so I can take it to work, the library, the store, and around the neighborhood.

I need to renew my motorcycle insurance (50 bucks) and get my license (75 bucks)

Also my Scootie puff might need some work done later, but I am going to have my friend Adam take a look at it down the street.

Viva Spring!


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