Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hair rasing facts and opinions

I actually shock some friends about a few facts with my hair.

1. I only wash it once a week.

2. It is down to my waist

3. Of my long haired friends my hair is the SHORTEST

4. I deep condition my hair with catnip tea

5. I color my hair with henna once a month

Some interested articles I have found about shampoo as well:

When It Comes To Shampoo, Less Is More

by Allison Aubrey

How to Shampoo the Hair- a 1908 article

1 comment:

Obsidian Kitten said...

I have very short hair, but I only wash it about once a week as well. Go minimal hair-washers!

I'm convinced too much washing wrecks your hair by destroying all its natural good stuff.

My oily skin also seems to prosper with minimal washing. I used to get break-outs all the time, but now the less I do to it, the better my skin is. (I usually keep this info to myself however, lol!)