Monday, March 23, 2009

Natural skin care for Eczama

So if you have skin like mine it is dry but prone to break out.

Nice right? So going through adolescence I tortured my skin trying to dry it out, or smother it with various creams and potions that had buddha knows what in them.

I went from clear tight dry skin to oily clear skin, to dry broken out skin, to combination skin, back and forth and finally a friend of mine who was a dermatologist said "You should not use anything on your face that you can't pronounce and you shouldn't wash your face more than once a day unless your wearing makeup"

It seemed so simple right? Have you ever actually looked at the back of skin care labels?

Poly or Oxy or Micro. or cellu?

Right so here is what I "wash" my face with.

After jumping into the shower I rub a mixture of castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin e oil (about a tablespoon) on my wet face and massage it into my skin for a full minute

Then I soap up my armpit, nether's, and ears and rinse, then carefully I wash my hands, then I use my organic glycerin and olive oil facial bar and swipe my wet hand across it barely getting any soap. I suds up my hands and swipe my cheeks once rinse my hands of suds and then gentle spread the remaining suds across my face not rubbing.

then I rinse gentle and get out of the shower. I immediately without toweling off use OYIN burnt sugar Pomade or Whipped pudding on my eczema spot on my face to moisturize them and my body oil on my arms legs and torso, then I dry off.

Since I have started this I have only had breakouts during my menstrual period.

Nothing works all the time for everyone, but its something to thing about for someone who is addicted to store bought sudzing over the counter face and body washes.


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