Saturday, March 26, 2016

Insurance is for the rich

I just got another bill.  So my mandatory insurance took my entire tax return even though they forgot to give me a tax premium...somehow nys changed the rules and they charged me 700 dollars on top of the 300 a month for insurance that was accepted no where, and who covered nothing.

Then I got MVP and paid 500 a month.  For this I didn't receive a insurance card for 3 months. Had an emergency ER visit, a epidural inw hoection both denied because they were not "emergent"

So I can't walk, am desperate to get back to work, and have gone to the ER twice for pain that had my heart hammering like a marathon runner.

This insurance in America is set to kill off or keep disabled people in pain, create addicts that kill themselves trying to ease their pain.

insurance makes out like bandits, doctors make out like bandits and the disabled person wants towork, wants to pay their way, wants a nor all life is treated like a sponge to be milked until they give up.

This is why I am voting for a old white dude.  We need to treat each other as equals. We need to care for each other. We need to all feel like we are worthy productive members of society not pawns to move around just to make a buck.

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