Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random Review: Earth Rated Poop Bags

So as American Bulldog Owners we see our fare share of massive stinky poops.  We used to reuse plastic bags until we realized at the amount we were using them, we were creating DECADES of trash.  So we started trying biodegradable bags.  First ones we found were expensive and TINY.  ABD poops are massive and frequent so this would not work.  Second we found disintegrated when even remotely moist.  We hike with out boy a lot, and rain dissolving your bags so that when you go to pic up poop, your fingers go through?  NOPE next.  We found some bags that we like the size and they didn't disintegrate.  The caveat was, no handles and hard to open.  You ever try to hold a 80 pound dog in one place while trying to wrestle open a poop bag and then tie it in a knot?

So we were at our local pet store and saw they had "Earth Rated Poop bags"  they were scented, but not baby powder/Lysol strong just faint and nice lavender.  They are a LONGER bag, so you can pick up even Mastiff sized poops and not get it all over your arm.  We even had to double bag and two poops fit in!  The bags are tough, resist tearing, and best of all they are  biodegradeable!   They even make a corn based bag that will completely dissolve in 30 days in a compost heap!  (We don't recommend using dog poop as compost material for gardening tho!  Think of composted poop as being a doggie septic tank. More info here 

We also tried BioBags which are placed in all the dog parks and hiking trails by our house.  We love them, but prefer our bags to have a masking scent and also handles. 

All in all the Earth Rated Poop Bags get a 5 out of 5 paws from all our furry minions.  We have four cats and started to use a ERPB when we scoop cat litter (and we have 4 boxes!)  I highly recommend them if you have any pets that poop!

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