Monday, February 10, 2014

Random acts of being a human being

Its official I am not leaving the house again until Wednesday night.  Went to Aldi, to get my groceries, while walking back to my car I saw an old lady doing the "OMG I AM GONNA FALL" windmill arms dance.  I ran up and helped stop her from falling down, I steadied her and walked her to her car. 

Went to get gas, was approached by TWO homeless guys asking for money.  One went to go tap on car windows in traffic so I reluctantly called non emergency to go pick him off and drop him at at the shelter he was well dressed and clean, so he probably had people looking for him.    The other followed me inside and started an argument with himself.  The owner started yelling at him (which never helps) finally I told the guy if he went outside and waited quietly I would buy him coffee and a donut.  He left quietly, the owner apologized and I shrugged and said "Hey, one wrong move and that could be any of us."  He gave me free coffee and an old hotdog for the guy.  I remembered I had an old skullcap in the jeep, gave him that too. 

Went  BACK in to pay for my gas and found out the lady  who had been behind me had added 6 bucks to my measly 5 bucks!  Yay almost an eighth of a tank! 

Part of me feels super blessed, part of me is sad that this kind of behavior is considered "exceptional" It was the right thing to do.

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