Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's fitting that its rainng

Because that makes the fact that our car is currently being towed to Cerio's Auto even more appropriate.

This morning I went to drive Crash to wok and suddenly I heard a "PFFT!" when I went to use the brakes. I almost drove into the house. Apparently our brakes rusted or, have a leak in the line or something.

Thank goodness I had the forsight to include towing in my Geico package and get the emergency roadside assistance and renal coverage.

Now if we need a car we can re on for 5 dollars a day.

I wish the repair costs for fixing the brakes was included!

We had money for rent, and I finally got a job and suddenly this happens before my first payheck!

Seriously, life could suck more, I could not be starting work on Monday.

If I could just win 5,000 I would feel so much more on top of things. It seems like as my health has been getting worse, my employabiity and money hits the crapper too.

Seriously, when it comes t cap in my life, the fan is never off.


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