Friday, November 02, 2007

Cause I love E. Jean

Dear Queen E. Jean,

Thank you for writing things that women need to hear, in a world where people only tell us what we want to hear it is a wonder that we are as unhappy as we profess to be.
I was recently diagnosed with a permanent quickly degenerative spinal cord and vertebrae disease. They have no treatments at the time because it is so rare and couldn't have prevented it.
I felt as though I went from Hero to zero. Slowly I kept shutting off things in my life as my pain increased. But in the confusion I seemed to have forgotten to open a window.

After reading your column for a few months I began to question the way I was dealing with my new life. Instead of letting it be an opportunity I let it feel like a sentence. Your no holds barred but gentle advice sparked something in me I thought was forgotten.

I feel hope and excitement again. As you are often telling us, in the grand world of all things fabulous the good will always outshine the bad.

Keep your torch flaming, and thank you you being a northern star to women looking for a way.

Sincerely, J. Ella

Editor-in-Cheez (BAM music review)

10/3/2005 From E. Jean Carroll, Elle magazine "Ask E.Jean"

Miss J. Ella!

You adorable kumquat!
You will prevail!I love your letter! Thanks so much! You are a striking combination of talent, charm, warmth, and pizzzzazaaazzzz!

You, my darling, have inspired ME.

Ravishing Regards,
E. Jean

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