Wednesday, April 18, 2007

AMLA Oil- The wonder fruit

AMLA also called Indian Gooseberry or Embelica Officianlis is a citris type inedible fruit from the arid parts of Yemen, Arabia, Morrocco, and India. Its fruits are used in oils and in powders.

The dried fruit is a detergent and is used as a shampoo.

Amla oil is prepared from dried Amla berries which have been soaked in coconut oil for several days in order to extract the oil soluble vitamins from the fruit.

The filtered and purified oil is commonly called Amla oil. Because the oil blend is coconut and AMLA berries it is a very good conditioner and consequently one of the worlds oldest!

Amla oil has a long history of use as an aid for improving the health of hair and scalp. In fact, it is one of the world's oldest, natural hair conditioners.

Medicinal Amla Fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Pectin (Which means when used with Henna to make a gel you can omit pectin!) The fruit, because of its high acidity helps to exfoliate and clarify the scalp.

Customarily, a small amount of Amla oil is applied to the hair after washing. This not only bring forth a rich, natural shine and soft texture, but also helps rejuvenate hair that is dull and damaged. It has an herbal almost Piney smell that is green, refreshing and fades to be barely noticable. It it easily absorbed into the scalp and is an excellent product to use for rejuvinating scalp massages or to tame fly-aways.

I've been using this oil on my fiance and mines hair for they last few weeks and my SO has noticed his hair seems to be getting thicker. Also it appears that the act of massage and time we spend together during this activity has made us closer.

Prices run between 2.99-9.99 a bottle depending on supplier. You can purchase it online at or visit a local Indian Market and ask for AMLA oil.

The powder is also inexspensive and can be mixed with warm water, applied to the scalp and hair and rinsed out. This will leave the scalp exfoliated and the hair shaft clarified. A box of powder can run from 1.99 to upwards of 9.99 a pound.

This product has been used for centuries and has the added benefit of being vegan and biodegradible. Also the plant itself is known for its ability to treat wastewater zones and clarify the soil.

The powder can also be applied to the face for an gentle exfoliating mask.

The AMLA plant is truly one of the power houses on the Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants.

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