Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthday Blues

Twenty nine years. Its not milestone or anything but it IS kinda depressing that my birthday consisted of a veggie burger, tater tots, a popsicle and a only people to send me a birthday shout were myspace, the beauty bottle, the vegan forum and my nana.

But what an awesome prezzie from my Nana!

Two pairs of jammies from PJ Salvage on

I am wearing them now, very comfotably I may add.

Hubby has to work, and everyone else was busy.

No cake, no presents, just two e-mails and a veggie burger with my friend Jen.

again, wheee.

Not that its a bummer, just very unspecial.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday.
Sleepyheads PJ's are too rich for my blood..but I would love gettiing a pair..
On my b-day, I just want to be left the hell alone. I would love it even more in jammies from sleepyheads.

By the way..a cable is simple to take a few stitches and put them on a cable needle..hold them to the front or back( which side you hold them on determines which way the cable will twist, and the stitch pattern will tell you which way to hold them.) then you knit the next few stitches after those ones put on the cable needle...then put the held stitches back on the needle and knit them.
It is basically just criss-crossing stitches within the row.