Sunday, September 02, 2012

Long Overdue, My fave things of Summer and Fall

I have been trying to grow out my nails and my hair.  But due to being a demo chef I am constantly washing my hands, pans, and taking showers to wash away the grease, grime and sweat that comes with the food service industry.

Add 3 cats and a dog and I am up to my armpits in cleaning.

It was wreaking havoc on my already flimsy peeling nails and sahara dry hair.

So on recommendation by my nutritionist and some beauty blogger friends I began taking biotin, and Omega 3.6.9. as well as using Nail Life "revitalizer" original formula and Jojoba Tea Tree cuticle remover.

On the hair front I began to limit shampooing to twice a week using Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Shampoo and on other days when my hair felt dirty I used straight conditioner (Suave Rosemary and Mint) to "wash" my hair and then left a pea size amount of RenPure Organics "Help my pretty hair is parched!" on the ends of my hair from the ears down.

My hair definately went through a process of being MORE oily feeling during the first 2 weeks, then the ends began feeling fried once the weather heated up.

SO I added Vitamin E oil, Honey, Avocado, and Banana baby food mixed with conditioner on my hair every other week, and clarified my scalp on the opposite weeks with a 1/2 teaspoon baking soda mixed with a drop of shampoo and 8 ounces of warm water.

The result was that my scalp is no longer itchy, my ends are not as dry, my hair seems to be growing, and my face even looks better too!

Nail life I used 2 layers on bare nails, sometimes I put polish over it, sometimes I left it bare.  On the fourth day I removed all polish, lightly buffed the nails, shaped them if needed and reapplied the Revitalizer.  I noticed within a few days my nails were not peeling.  Then in a week that my nails were SIGNIFICANTLY longer.

On my second bottle of revitalizer I recieved a bottle of "Cuticle Remover" by the same Nail Life company.  I put a generous drop on my nail bed each night and massage it in, then follow with my normal Curel Fragrance free lotion.

I ave noticed my nails are getting long enough where "I" find them a little TOO long!  This NEVER happened before.

Despite Nail Envy using formaldehyde as a hardener I find that it does not make my nails brittle or dry, they are flexible but strong. And if I use it as a top coat my polish stays perfect for 4 days, even with the amount of washing I do.

So these are my fave things Nail and Hair wise.

Also I have been in love with Revlon Lip Butters I loved the color and moisture (sans stickyness) so much that I bought a tube for every purse!

I just bought Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Cleansing Bar and Old Spice Matterhorn 12 hour odor control with moisture.  I loved Old Spice Fiji 12 hour odor control with moisture so much I bought the deodorant. It is a green, earthy smell and from what I have smelled of Materhorn it reminds me of clean laundry, or clean cold air before it snows.

I will return to tell you if it lived up to my high expectations.

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