Friday, July 06, 2012

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I am still alive.  I have just been trying like MAD to keep myself healthy and take care of myself.  Because I am on my feet for 26-48 hours out of the week and around all kinds of people (with my immune system of a wet hamster) I have to be cautious.

I have just reordered my supplements.  I am trying a fish oil supplement even though I HATE fish and am worried about fish burps.

My friend the nutritionist told me if I take my bromelein and eat something at the same time it won't happen.

So my immune system and anti-inflammation supplements are as follows:

Vitamin D
Omega 3-6-9 with flax and chia oils
Quercetin and bromelain Supplement
Vitamin E
Daily Children's Jelly Bean multi (because the only way to make me take them was to put them in jelly bean form)

I wake up when Crash does in the morning and take my supplements, then go back to sleep for a while until Doguchupra decides I have rested too long and he wants to do things/that I have to get up for work.

Then I take morning meds and eat some cereal with my dogzilla.  Feed Billy his slurry meat shake.  Finally I get dressed, put my makeup on, and either go to work, or get going on my other chores (Turtle, dog, cat,cat,cat,or cat, fish tank, plants, laundry, cleaning, to name a few)

So all in all I am here, I am just tired a lot and working a lot.


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