Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm not quite dead yet...

I am here, I am healed from surgery. I am still painting my nails like a fiend.

Right now I have on China Glaze discontinued "Wild Mink" on mah mitts. It is my favorite salmon-y pink.

I also have been doing some mad physical therapy at the local YMCA.

I am swimming twice a week and doing weights and cardio three times a week.

Needless to say I come home exhausted and the animals are like "Do you have a job, or another family?"

Suddenly not having 24/7 beck and call mommy has made them appreciate me more. Especially in the dinner, laundry, and potty department.

I on the other hand have muscles in use I had forgotten I had. And they hurt, often, and a lot too.

And this cold slimy Syracuse weather is just BEGGING for me to take a fall down our slippery ass front steps from hell.

I predict I will be falling down the front steps at least once this winer because of or in spite of the dog or the steps being slippery.


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