Saturday, March 20, 2010

Freedom of speech is Bullshit.

"FUK! and I am so gay."

Deleted Blog Entry: Because of offensive language.

Posted March 19th, 2010 at 12:24 AM by Keenkitty:

I vampire d again.

slept all damn day.


I have been watching "The L word" and trying to alk to my brother Jase about it and he is not into it. He is bitching about me not watching Project Runway the INSTANT it comes on so that we can talk about it all week long.

So I picked up a fashion magazine today because Lady Gaga was on the cover and we went through the outfits together and I was saying I liked the outfits the guys were wearing.

Suddenly my brother squeals "You are so GAY!"

uh yeah, I am, I REALLY am, and?

I know I am like a "Bi-butch/Gay-guy" as my fiance calls it. Except that I like to shave my armpits and legs, I wear makeup sometimes, and I have longer hair.

Other than that my fiance and I wear the same style clothes. My friend Bax and I wear each others clothes. (And the bastard stole my opalite plugs saying "you don't wear these, they too small fo' yo' azz, I wan'em" ) and I have exactly three girls shirts. and 4 girls pants. The rest are guys.

If I tweezed my brows, wore product in my hair, and watched what I ate and worked out more, I would be a gay man.

Well I would need a peenus but honestly I would probably stick it into too many things I wasn't supposed too so its a good thing I don't have one.

Bax said today on our hike "Man I'm glad your not a guy, you'd be gay and you'd be sticking your sh*t into anything tight and dark as it is you probably carry your peenus around in your back pack."

I laughed so hard I literally almost fell off the edge of a fukkin cliff.

Bax caught my arm and Trib who was with us said "Dude, Shotokon over there saved your life, now he has to watch you like a hawk until it needs saving again"

Bax said "Thats it, you're going over the cliff"

It was an interesting afternoon.

When I got home I took out Chupdogra and he scared the sh*t out of the neighbor kid by barking at him. I scolded him and he didn't get to come to the bank with me. I drove Trib home and saw his new digs. He has n furniture, 3 cats, and sleeps on the floor.

Bax and I were like "Dude, this weekend you are taking the futon and we are getting you furniture."

His wife broke it off and cheated on him and HE LEFT her the house?! The guy is vegan and has LOST weight. I actually was able to lift him up today. I told him "OK, time for Mama to feed you, this weekend you are coming over and I am making you pasta."

Bax said he works all the time, never goes out, and sits at home with the cats and reads.

Bax was like "dude! wrong puddy!" We are going to make him go to a movie and not wear pajamas this time.

Crash was like "How many friends, like five? guy friends without girlfriends we have now? WTH man?"

He gets to stay home and babysit, I have to drag their sorry azzes out and make them do ****e.


Anonymous said...

I must be dense, or out of current slang, but can you tell me what the last word that has been edited out is? Thank you.

KJ Callaway said...

THe word is SHIT

Kissed By Fire said...

Assuming this is linked to the current LHC bullshit? Argh damn my life making me miss out on blogs!