Thursday, December 24, 2009

Muses from the Manlove-Armstrong Clan

Funnies between us often amuse the hell out of us but there is no one else to hear it but the dog.

So Crash composed what he thought was the 5 best anecdotes of the year:

1. Me: "You had me wrap my own present, and your present didn't come here on time, and we have to go eat terrible food at a house with your father's in laws who are horrible people, christmas sucks."
Chris to the dog: "Don't listen to mommy, she also killed santa and ate the easter bunny."

2. Chris: "What time did you set Hello Kitty for?"

Me: "I set it for, time for Chris to get a pair of glasses, and go to bed earlier so he didn't need two alarm clocks."

Chris: "Is that around 6:15?"

3. 3AM I am awake and saying "Fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death, I will not fear."

Chris: "Fear is waking up at 3AM to your fiance talking to herself...go to sleep!"

4. Chris from the bathroom. "Hunny?!"

Me: "Yes?"

Chris: "Um, Can you come in here and get Billy? I need some privacy."

Me, walking into the bathroom. "Sure, why?"

I walk in and see Billy standing on the sink staring eye to eye with Chris seated on the bathtub.

Chris: "I think h wants to intimidate me and I need to, um, take care of some things and I don't think I can do it while he stares at me."

Me: "Why? We look at them when they go?"

Chris looks shocked: "I would never watch them go potty, that is private you are depraved.

Both men look at me blinking and staring. I roll my eyes and leave picking up Billy.

5. While shoveling outside Chris had me bring the dog out. It was 4AM when we had to go outside and clear snow off, and shovel out the drive. After clearing the snow and drive and sidewalk and came back inside and crawled back into bed where I cuddled up to my large black cat and told him "Billy you are lucky you are a kitty, you didn't have to be Cold, and outside helping Daddy shovel snow." Chris heard me mutter this before I passed out to sleep and laughed about it all week.

Now he teases me each morning that its time for Kane and I to get up and go outside to be "cold and outside helping"

We are not amused.

Happy Holidaze from the Manlove Armstrong Krew

KJ, Crash, Kane, Billy, Ani, and Jayne

In fondest memory Of Samsara Rose 2005-2009

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