Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jim Butcher is a god.

I remember seeing a softcover book by Jim Butcher in the "Book Recycle" pile in my crappy office during my three year stint with Americorp.

As often I had loads of free time on my hands and staring at the computer made my eyes hurt I had finished my book and had hours to kill before my shift ended.

I absently picked up the book "The dresden files" by Jim Butcher.

It has been almost four years and I have read every Dresden book I could get, Then The "Codex Alera" series and watched pirated copies of the "Dresden Files" that SciFi channel was stupid enough to discontinue.

Let me being by saying even I get bored by authors, skip paragraphs, stop reading a book. Hell Even Piers Anthony has some books that I just had to stop reading because I was so bored.

There are a handful of authors who hold my attention so soundly that I own everything they write. Ann McCaffrey, Issac Asimov (especially anything with Norby the mixed up Robot)Mercedes Lackey, Spider Robinson, and Jim Butcher.

It is a difficult place to get to, my high horse list of "F*^&ing awesome writers" but Jim Butcher is one of those writers who I will recommend to each and everyone of my reader friends.

As it is I have made several friends of mine in to "Butcher Brigands" They too own every book he has written and have 2nd copies to lend out as "loaners"

I've no doubt that Jim Butcher will never know how much I love his writing. I'm sure the royalties alone assure him of his deep fan base. But to those of you not yet in the know, even if you don't like Sci-fi, or Fantasy, or war. If you are simply a fan of great authors; get yourself to a bookstore and read Jim Butcher.

And if he ever asks, tell him KJ sent you.


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